War Memorial Carillon
Charterhouse School

This Taylor carillon was commissioned for and hung in Mostyn House School in Parkgate. In July 2010 the school closed and the carillon has been installed at Charterhouse, as per the wishes of the original donors. The frame, transmission and clavier at Mostyn House were not suitable for reuse at Charterhouse and have been replaced. This work was also carried out by Taylor’s. The new clavier is configured to allow for possible future augmentation to four and a half octaves (one octave above and half an octave below the existing three).

The carillon is played during term-time at morning, noon, and evening hours by students of the school, and for special occasions.

Bells: 37 (three octaves fully chromatic)

Heaviest bell: pitched to E, 18 cwt, 2 qr, 25 lb (950 kg)

Transposition: up 4 semitones (bottom note of clavier is C)

Practice clavier: none

Construction: 1923; 2012 (transmission and clavier), J. Taylor & Co.


Charterhouse School
Charterhouse Rd