Atkinson Carillon, 24 Old Bond Street, Mayfair

The Atkinson carillon is housed in a small spirelet on the roof of No.24 Old Bond Street, which stands on the corner of Old Bond Street and Burlington Gardens. The building was designed by Vincent Harris (1876-1971), who designed a number of significant buildings in the first half of the twentieth century, including the Ministry of Defence Main Building on Whitehall. 24 Old Bond Street was built as the premises of J.&E. Atkinson Ltd in 1926. The building was later taken over by J. Fox & Co. and later still became the property of the NFU Mutual, who subsequently sold it to its current owner, Unity RE. Space in the building is let to various businesses, most of the shop space on the lower floors being occupied by Salvatore Ferragamo.

The bells were cast by Gillett and Johnston, mostly in 1925, and installed in 1927-28. The original bell number 9 cracked and was replaced in 1932. A number of the bells were apparently originally intended for another, bigger, carillon as their low waist numbers indicating their position in the set are in the high 20s and 30s.

Due to current technical works, the carillon is not being played regularly.

Bells: 23 (two chromatic octaves missing two bass semitones)

Heaviest bell: pitched to G# (A=435), 12 cwt, 0 qr, 16 lb (620 kg)

Transposition: up 8 semitones (bottom note of clavier is C)

Practice clavier: none

Construction: 1925-1928, 1932, Gillett & Johnston

Carillonneur: Scott Allan Orr


24 Old Bond St