Loughborough Carillon and War Memorial

The Carillon Tower was built as a War Memorial by public subscription in memory of the 480 men of the town who fell in the Great War.

Recitals are played every Thursday at 13:00 throughout the year and on Sundays at 13:00 from Easter to the end of September.


Bells: 47 (four chromatic octaves missing two bass semitones)

Heaviest bell: pitched to G#, 82 cwt, 3 qr, 16 lb (4210 kg)

Transposition: down 4 semitones (bottom note of clavier is C)

Construction: 1923, J. Taylor & Co.

Website: http://carillontower.org.uk/ (with details of summer recitals)

Carillonneurs: Caroline Sharpe and Lynne Morgan


Loughborough Carillon and War Memorial
Queen’s Park
LE11 3DU