Notation for carillon and chime installations: audit and visualisation

3 April 2021, Michael Boyd

This paper discusses the use of notation for recording the configurations of carillon and chime installations, which have been designed by the author for facilitating the production of visual depictions using computer software. Such notation, quasi-musical in format, has been devised with both the carillonneur (or chimer) and bell-historian in mind, hopefully satisfying two constituencies. The carillonneur, visiting a carillon for the first time, may wish to visualise the carillon keyboard as a means of preparing for a recital; the bell historian may wish to capture and record the configurations of both keyboard and instrument, and possible other playing mechanisms at a particular installation. 

In the latter case, the historian and bell enthusiast may also want a means of tracking, in some detail, the evolution of an installation from its inception to its present-day configuration. This is a particular interest of the author. It can sometimes appear that an appreciable body of carillon history has been lost due to the failure to accurately record modifications, augmentations, or extensive remodelling of carillon installations, particularly regarding the fate of carillon keyboards.

Access the paper here [PDF, 1.2 MB; v.9, updated 17 April 2021].